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Healthy shrimp easy recipes ( with pasta )


The shrimp dish is famous seafood, a rich source of protein, many important minerals, and vitamins, and is considered as a low calorie so that we will give you some healthy shrimp recipes.

The nutritional value of the shrimp

The low-calorie shrimp, every 6 ounces, gives you about 200 calories, rich in high-quality protein, minerals, and vitamins and contains low levels of mercury.

The recommended daily intake of proteins is about 46 g for women and 56 g for men. Eating shrimp can help you cover your daily needs. Every 6 ounces of shrimp contains about 39 grams of protein.

Shrimp and enzymes work

Shrimp is a rich source of minerals, such as zinc and selenium, two very important minerals to activate enzymes and regulate their work to complete vital processes and chemical reactions in the body.

Zinc helps to activate the enzymes necessary to produce energy. Some proteins also rely on zinc to regulate gene activity and support the immune system.

Benefits of shrimp for pregnant women

Shrimp With Pregnant Woman

Some fish do not have to be eaten by pregnant women, because they cause septicemia; some fish are not known for storage such as feces or salinity; others contain a high proportion of mercury that causes miscarriage in the first months, Sword, tilapia and crustaceans.

On the contrary, shrimp farming gives pregnant women many nutrients: shrimp contains the important iron of the pregnant woman to protect them from the risk of anemia; it is important for the fetus to form red blood cells.

One of the benefits of shrimp is that it contains calcium and phosphorus minerals, for the development of fetal bones, and is important for women in pregnancy to protect them from osteoporosis.

It contains omega-3 oil useful in pregnancy, to enhance the mental abilities of the Contains important proteins to form fetal cells.

Benefits of shrimp for skin

The skin needs proteins to grow tissues and skin cells. Protein also provides vitality and youth to the skin because it helps to form the red blood cells through which the oxygen reaches the tissue. This helps to nourish the skin and protect it from wrinkles.

Shrimp for weight loss

Shrimp contains many types of vitamins such as vitamin B12 B12, and vitamin E E, and also contains niacin and useful fatty acids, “Omega 3“, and shrimp also contains a low amount of saturated fat, so as long as you eat shrimp Moderate and not excessive, and you calculate the number of calories and calories you get from eating shrimp you are safe, and you will lose weight certainly.

healthy shrimp recipes

shrimp pasta recipe

There are many healthy recipes that can be used for shrimps. Shrimp is prepared from foods that contain many thermocouples that activate all body functions

It is these recipes

  1. Korean salad with shrimp or chicken with basmati rice and lettuce light
  2. Shrimps with soy sauce and white sauce pasta
  3. Shrimps with soy sauce and white sauce pasta
  4. Broasted Shrimp Healthy
  5. Indian prawns
  6. Shrimps with coriander and garlic
  7. Shrimp Shrimp
  8. shrimp scampi with rice


One of the most delicious dishes served with shrimp is

shrimp recipes with rice

shrimp with rice

The way shrimp is served with rice varies from one kitchen to another. You can handle shrimp with rice in more than one way and flavor. It is an appetite in all its forms and carries many calories that are necessary for the body. It is also useful for people who follow a diet.

this is also useful for pregnant women because they contain a high nutritional value that provides the fetus with the necessary protein for the growth of its body.

One of the most famous of these dishes

  1. Shrimp paste
  2. Shrimp with white rice
  3. Rice with shrimp on charcoal
  4. Thai rice fried in shrimp
  5. Mexican rice with shrimp
  6. Red rice with dried shrimp
  7. Chinese-style shrimp with rice and vegetables

garlic butter shrimp recipe

garlic butter shrimp

Many of us prefer garlic in most of the food not only for food, it gives flavor and taste, but also because of the garlic is of great benefit when we add shrimp to garlic butter we get the value of calming and the benefits of garlic butter and shrimp

  1. Resist from colds
  2. Cancer prevention
  3. Heart protection
  4. Stress treatment

These include garlic butter with shrimp recipe

Butter and lemon shrimps in the pasta

Shrimps with garlic and thyme

steak and shrimp recipe

shrimp with steak

Shrimp Steak is one of the most delicious dishes in the main ingredients of shrimp

it is desirable dishes for its health benefits for all ages and also provides the body with a lot of protein.

It offers shrimp steak in different and delicious ways including:

Shrimp steak and dill sauce

The shrimp can be served with white rice or red rice and Mexican rice

shrimp with garlic sauce recipe

shrimp with garlic sauce

The shrimp is a favorite seafood in some people, and there are many ways to prepare the shrimp either reduced vegetable oil or Chia in the oven with its seasoning, and vary depending on the spices and herbs used in each country, in this article will give you an easy and quick way to prepare shrimp with garlic and lemon

Just prepare the ingredients and follow the easy steps.


shrimp scampi pasta recipe

shrimp scampi pasta

The methods of preparing the shrimp are not limited to certain dishes such as rice, or trays, etc., but to more varied ways, and it is characterized by completely different tastes. The shrimp is one of the most popular seafood dishes that people desire. In ways to prepare this kind of food items tasty and rich in benefits, you can provide giant shrimp cooked with a red sauce can also be boiled and served with white rice

low carb shrimp recipes

There are many ways that we can serve shrimp to those who apply the Diet system

There are many ways and recipes, including

  1. Shrimps with soy sauce and white sauce sauce
  2. Chicken salad with prawns with basmati rice
  3. grilled shrimp
  4. Shrimps with vegetables

low-calorie shrimp recipes    

Weight loss can be a difficult challenge for many nations because diets in the diet often prevent them from eating a wide range of foods that most people like. But shrimp is not. It contains many nutrients that the body needs. During weight loss

It is these dishes :

  1. Marinara Shrimp Light
  2. Shrimp Scampi


At the end we strongly recommend you to try this healthy shrimp recipes because we sure you will love it, Don’t forget to share your experience with us