Sunday, 25 February 2024

Broccoli and Chickpea Rainbow Power Bowls recipe

Broccoli and Chickpea Rainbow Power Bowls is one of the best health and very simple salads. It is delicious and contains all the flavors because it contains more than a kind of vegetables, it is also a good diet for those who are working to lose weight.

Your kids will love this meal a lot because it has a variety of vegetables in many colors. Serve it at lunch or after returning from their school, it will give them great energy.

Broccoli and Chickpea Rainbow Power Bowls

Nutrition Facts of Broccoli and Chickpea Rainbow Power Bowls

It is possible to say that this meal is exactly the “Integrated meal” because it contains:

  • 33 Calories
  • 0.4 g Lipid
  • 33 mg Sodium
  • Potassium 316 mg
  • 7 g Sugar
  • 60% vitamin B, B1, B6
  • 2.6 g Food fibers
  • 1.7 g Sugar
  • 2.8 g Protein
  • Vitamin A 623 IU
  • 89.2 mg Vitamin C
  • 47 mg of Calcium
  • 0.7 mg Iron
  • 21 mg Magnesium



To make Broccoli and Chickpea Rainbow Power Bowls, you need those ingredients:

  • 500 g small potatoes
  • Two cups broccoli
  • One tablespoon salt
  • Three cloves of chopped garlic
  • Two tablespoons lemon juice
  • One tablespoon vinegar
  • Three tablespoons olive oil
  • One cup goat cheese
  • Three spoons of roasted Chickpea
  • 500 g green beans


How to make Broccoli and Chickpea Rainbow Power Bowls

  1. Wash broccoli and cut into several pieces as well as for potato
  2. Bring the tray and put potatoes, green beans, and broccoli in it
  3. Then Brush them with the olive oil and enter the tray into the oven for 30 minutes.
  4. Mix lemon juice with salt, chopped garlic, vinegar, and olive oil.
  5. Bring the serving dish and mix broccoli with potatoes, green beans, and roasted Chickpea.
  6. Season salad with the lemon juice mixture and then spread the goat’s cheese and serve it.


It is amazing to start preparing this meal at least twice a week as it contains a lot of healthy ingredients we need everyday.

Try it and give us some suggestions.