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Sausage Easy home made recipe

A sausage is frequently prepared from ground meat and veal and is created in a covering habitually made from intestine, it is cooked like chicken. Sausage production is a conventional food protection method. The majority sausages have to be frozen before they are cooked. In this article we talk about History of sausages, its crabs, nutrition and calories.

Sausage recipe
Sausage recipe

Sausage calories

Sausage can be produced from almost any type of animal meat like turkey and red meat, but it contains proteins, calorie and fat.

Sausage nutrition

Sausages can be prepared of fundamentally some protein like beef and veal. Though, chicken, mutton is also used in making it.

Sausage is made from several types of meat, although we cannot say if it is healthy. But generally, it has high fat and calories. Consequently if you want to reduce your weight, you cannot add this food in your ordinary meals.

Fresh Sausages can include simply 30 percent of beef with a fat

And you can eat with it a variety of spices and vegetables.

It must be contained 70 percent meat if it is beef; this fundamentally means that it included few crabs.


Crabs in sausage

Crabs in sausages are prepared from other produce such as spices, but luckily beef sausages have only 2.1 grams of carbohydrates for each 100 grams.

Although sausages are normally from low-crab foods, you can avoid eating products which contain Moderate proportions of the protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Types of sausages

Cooked sausages

They Are prepared from fresh meats, and then completely come ready to eat. They are also eaten directly after preparation.

Cooked smoked sausages

They are prepared then smoke-cooked and eaten warm or freezing, as smoking, takes several hours.

Fresh sausages

They are prepared from red meats. They must be frozen and carefully cooked then eating it like Bovine sausage and beef.

History of sausages

Sausage is making from meats and fat then stuff them into cylindrical covers prepare from the intestines of the animals, and eaten instantly or is dehydrated.

There are records about intestine casings contain some type of meat, and there is Chinese sausage which contains goat and lamb meat, was come to 589 BC.

Facts Refers to sausages were previously known Known at both Romans and the ancient Greeks.

There is sausage in ancient Italy was known with lucanica, through the age of the Roman emperor Nero in the 10th century , then Leo VI the Wise Prohibit production of red  sausages after suitcases of food poisoning.

Risk of sausage

Meat is generally unhealthy because it causes diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It also contains many harmful chemicals that are not found in fresh meat. Smokers tend to eat large quantities of processed meat.

It also contains a high percentage of nitrosamine, leading to the stomach, colon, and breast, prostate and intestinal cancer.


In the end you can eat good meat sausage and not eat it for a long time so as not to get sick, and your diet should contain fresh foods.