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Best Healthy snack recipes for kids & teens

Best healthy snacks for kids


Snacks is considered to be very important for kids, Children may not eat a lot in a single session; because of their small stomach, they eat most of the time. The problem is not only because they are barely picking food, but because they are always struggling to get high-sugar snacks instead of get healthy snacks . This conflict often continues in order to obtain appetizing snacks at the same time.

Because many children get about one-third of their daily calorie needs from snacks after school, and because the importance of these issues is not less than the importance of balanced breakfast or meal or dinner, we offer you some healthy snack recipes that your kids will love:

1- Popcorn:

popcorn snacks

Popcorn is a very healthy snack idea for teens and children when not added to a large amount of butter and salt; because it contains whole grains and fiber. Studies have shown that these pills may reduce the chances of diabetes and heart disease; it is also a good idea to be considered as evening snacks for kids.

The problem is that children do not usually get excited to eat regular popcorn. To make this healthy food more appetizing, some people, for example, sprinkle cinnamon powder on the top layer of popcorn. Another common alternative is powdered garlic. Although garlic changes the smell of the mouth, it helps reduce cholesterol.

Tip: If everything else fails, you can just add the regular popcorn to your children’s play set.

2 – Cheese:

grilled cheese sandwiches

It is a good source of calcium of many types, and is added to many things that children love. It is the most popular and popular cheeses, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches and crackers, but you better avoid buying cheese from the store as well as canned salty biscuits because they are not made from real cheeses but from cheese flavor. Biscuits are baked with unhealthy white flour, so nutritionists instead recommend making cheese and light salty snacks at home with real cheese and whole wheat crackers.

Hint: In order to get the healthy type of grilled cheese sandwiches, cover the skillet or capes with a spray of non-stick cooking spray instead of butter, and use whole wheat bread instead of white bread.

3 – Entertainment Group:

Instead of buying ready-made snacks bags from the store, try making your own bags at home, not only because it’s fun for kids, but also because it allows you to control the amount of salt and sugar. If you want to do this, you can also make granola (the brand name of cabbage oatmeal mixed with dried fruit, brown sugar and nuts) at home as well. In addition to being a major source of fiber, granola may contain a high percentage of sugar if it is ready from the store.

 In addition to granola, tasty and healthy ingredients include dried fruits, various nuts, unsweetened coconut shells, peanuts or small pastries, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.

Tip: If you want to add sugar, your kids will definitely like to add chocolate chips.

4 – Meat wrapped:

meat wrapped in sandwich

Sometimes it may take a simple trick to turn a meal into another amusing one. However, we should mention that this snack includes lunch meat (which may contain nitrates) and nitrates are effective preservatives, but they are always linked to different types of cancer in animals, and some experts recommend avoiding them altogether and searching for meat-free Of nitrates in stores. But if you want to add meat to your food, make sure you and your children have a large amount of vitamin C and E.

Now that you know about the dangers of nitrates, it’s time to ask about the snack. Instead of repeating the old sandwiches, try to wrap the meat wrapped in bread. To add extra flavor, add mustard or cheese slices.

Tip: Salami with cream cheese is the favorite choice of most people.