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Fruit salad benefits & easy recipes

fresh fruit salad

Fruit salad is one of the foods that people prefer to eat, and many of them are keen to eat it on a regular basis,so we should know the benefits of it and we will give you some easy recipes also.


Benefits of fruit salad:

In general, fruit salad improves digestion because it contains dietary fiber, as it works to treat chronic constipation, reduces the proportion of harmful cholesterol in particular, and is also a factor in helping to get rid of Overweight, as a low-calorie pastry. It protects the cells against free radicals and their damage. On the other hand, they provide protection and safety for the eyes and give the skin freshness and radiance. Then we introduce you to the reader how to prepare a fruit salad.

Fruit salad is also useful for sexual health. There are many types benefit sexual health, including:

  1. Strawberry and strawberry salad in melon
  2. fig, Strawberry and banana salad
  3. Strawberry salad, Romans and berries
  4. Salad of figs, pomegranates, and oranges in melons 

Benefits of fruit salad for diet:

One of the main benefits of the salad is that it feels full after it. It is one of the main reasons why many people take the salad because it contains a large number of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to perform its various functions, especially when it is important to pay attention to food Which we eat and maintain in a balanced manner without the reduction of calories randomly, which may lead to damage other than those caused by weight gain.

It is also good to take fruit salad but pays attention to the amount we eat. Fruit contains more calories than vegetables in general, but it is one of the powers that give a person a feeling of satiety very much in addition to the many benefits that each type Of the fruit by giving it to the body, fruit salad is generally considered the best body of fruit juice because it contains fiber

Some useful types:

  1. Apple and pomegranate salad in cantaloupe
  2. Apple and pomegranate salad with yogurt
  3. bananas salad, Apple, berries, oranges and apricots in melons
  4. Fruit salad with ricotta
  5. Apple salad, bananas, kiwi, honey and ketchup
  6. Salad strawberries, pomegranates, and oranges in lemon juice
  7. Kiwi salad and pineapple with yogurt
  8. Apple salad, strawberry, yogurt and lemon
  9. Apple salad, grapes, bananas, pears and kiwi with orange juice.


fruit salad in watermelon:

If you want to eat after the food and do not want to increase weight or those who are tired diet to lose weight, you must apply the power of fruit in the melon because this dish carries the nutritional components that benefit your body and help the process of digestion without weight gain You can incorporate more than one fruit in this dish Apple, banana and berries


fruit salad with yogurt :

You can prepare a meal that includes all the nutrients and it is delicious at the same time by preparing the fruit salad with milk. You can combine the fruits, the nutritional value and the value of the milk. There are many ways to prepare it with yogurt. And white rapes


fruit salad recipe easy:

fresh fruit salad

The preparation of the fruit salad dish does not complete 10 minutes, where you can prepare this delicious and fatty meal, which contains useful elements of the body and accelerate the process of digestion

There are many easy and simple recipes to prepare fruit salad in a short time

  1. Fruit with yogurt
  2. Fruit with ice cream
  3. Apple fruit salad and carrots
  4. wild strawberries
  5. Apple and banana salad


With quinoa :

a quinoa is The seeds are more common, easy to find in the shops, the quinoa seeds are cooked in a pot of hot water and the rice is cooked, and can be used in different dishes , including power dishes, Quinoa seeds contain iron, calcium and some essential amino acids and protein.

  1. Quinoa salad with carrots and olives
  2. Quinoa salad with funeral
  3. The quinoa and pineapple salad


fruit salad healthy :

The preparation of a healthy fruit salad is not difficult, on the contrary, fruit is a low-calorie, fat-free diet. You can also choose between all kinds of fruits in the market, but you should skip canned fruit and choose fresh fruit

It is the power of healthy fruits

  1. Apple salad with oranges
  2. Apple Salad with Kiwi
  3. Orange salad with kiwi
  4. Strawberry salad with apples
  5. Strawberry salad with kiwi


fruit salad ingredients:

It consists of different fruits. You can combine a kind of nuts in one dish. There are many ways to make the salad

  1. Strawberry, banana and kiwi salad
  2. Apple salad, strawberries, and strawberries
  3. Strawberry Kiwi salad
  4. Apple and orange salad
  5. Apple Salad Berry in Watermelon
  6. Banana salad and strawberries in watermelon

innovative fruit salad ideas:

Apart from the traditional ideas for preparing it, there are many innovative ways and ideas to prepare it, which will impress everyone and will raise their appetite.

Among these ideas and recipes:

  1. Strawberry and orange salad in the cantaloupe
  2. Apple salad, bananas, strawberries and strawberries in watermelon
  3. Bananas, berries, and violence in large lemons
  4. Red melon salad with white sugar and kiwi sauce
  5. Peach Power in Cantaloupe
  6. Berry, orange and strawberry salad with mint and mint


Now you are knowing all you need about fruits salad and its benefits so try one of this recipes and tell us about it