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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts and health benefits of banana

There is a lot of Nutrition facts for banana where it is one of the most important fruits for human body health. a wide group of health benefits are related with this fruit. Banana has high Proportion and fiber, magnesium, vitamins C and B6. Also it helps to decrease bulge, Prevention of diabetes, help in decreasing of weight, support the nervous system and assist with manufacture of white blood cells.

nutrition facts of banana

Nutrition facts in 1 banana

  • A medium banana contains 105 calories
  • 1/2 cup of sliced bananas contains 15 grams effective carbohydrate. The quantity of carbohydrate in a banana will differ with the size of this fruit.
  • Although a banana filled with 14 grams of sugar, but it is a low-glycemic. Also Bananas change starch to sugar
  • It hasn’t any fat Compared with other fruits that contain fatty materials, where there is one gram per fruit.
  • They contain one gram of protein
  • There is a good percentage of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium


Health benefits of banana


It Useful for the heart

It is filled with potassium, and low sodium, which is necessary to maintain your heartbeat. also help keep Prevention of high blood pressure.

Depression and mood

Bananas can be useful in ridding of depression because of a high percentage of tryptophan, which turns into serotonin. Banana helps to the mood level in the brain, because it contains vitamin B6 that  helps you sleep well, and magnesium that  helps to relax muscles, in addition,  there is the tryptophan in bananas that  helps to sleep.

Help to Digestion

Bananas have a high percentage of fiber, which can help digesting food, also it contains Vitamin B6 that can help Prevention of type 2 diabetes and help in weight loss. generally, bananas taste sweet, which helps curb cravings.

Prevention of Cancer

There is a nutrition facts for bananas, where some studies indicate that reasonable can help protecting against kidney cancer.

Develop intelligence

Bananas help with learning, because they contain high levels of potassium.

Boosts Energy

Bananas are filled with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber that lead to Boosts Energy. bananas can convert blood sugar to energy, by improving insulin in the body.

Boosts Immune system

Bananas are filled with different minerals as vitamin A, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, protein and vitamin C that lead to strengthen the immune system.

Prevention of Anemia

Bananas contain many Vitamins and nucleic acids as iron, folic acid and B12. These nutrients

These nutrients that our body needs it to rid of anemia. You can use some honey with the banana to Absorb Iron.

Relieve itching and irritation

The banana peel helps to reduce inflammation resulting from insect bites like bees.

Relieve stomach ulcers

Banana helps to reduce inflammation caused by stomach ulcers, also protects the stomach lining against corrosive acids.


Bananas are amazing! They can help to lose weight, keep your cardiovascular system and Brain health. You can eat bananas If you want to lead healthy life But with the moderate rates of it.