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Nutrition Facts

Salmon nutrition facts and health benefits

Salmon is one of the healthy foods for the body. It contains nutrients which decrease risks of many diseases. In addition it’s delicious, and available for the using. Let’s look at amazing health benefits of salmon in this article.


Salmon calories

It’s not easy to know count of calories there are in the salmon, but it depends on the species you choose.It contains from 197 to 304 calories.

Salmon color

Salmon colors are pink and orange. Each type of them has its own color. Silver, blue, and red varieties have salmon in the fresh water, but in salty water there are different colors.

Salmon nutrition facts

There is a group of nutrition facts to support the body, Let us recognize it:

Salmon, which weighs 85 grams, contains approximately:

21.6 grams protein

6.9 grams fat

155 calories

39.8 micrograms selenium

8.6 milligrams niacin

0.7 milligram zinc

31.5 milligrams magnesium

534 milligrams potassium

2.6 micrograms vitamin B12

39.8 micrograms selenium


Salmon health benefits

Heart health

It contains omega-3 fatty acids which help to treat cardiovascular disease

You can eat of Salmon per week, because it is a healthful food for the heart.

Treat Thyroid disease

There is Percentage of selenium; it is essential for healthful thyroid, as well as weight decrease and the risks of heart disease.

Support Brain task

Omega-3 in salmon increases the competence of brain functions, such as improving memory. Also it can keep the nervous system from stress and it is as an antidepressant too.

Treat cancer

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids can have resist cancer cells and destroy them, Such as: colorectal cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer.

Useful for skin

Salmon is Useful for skin because it contains fatty acids and vitamin which reduce Skin problems like aging.

Useful for the Eye

The omega-3 fatty acids which there are in the salmon help to stop macular degeneration, retinal aridness .It is a good source of protein for older, because it is easy to digest and cheaper than poultry and red meat and.

Treat your hair

Omega-3 fatty acids help to keep your scalp and hair, also this kind of fishes is rich in Vitamin D, which is believed to stop hair loss.

Fight stress

The omega-3 fatty acids of salmon assist improvement of the mood and keep the nervous system. It contains B vitamin which helps to improvement of the brain function and memory.

Treat your bones

It is one of the healthy foods to build bones, so you can optimize health of your bone, by eating a diet that contains this type of fish rich in vitamins.

Decrease danger of depression

It is useful for brain health and a nervous system; also it reduces the risk of depression, and prevents the adult Alzheimer’s disease.


Salmon fish are useful for the body. They can help to fight stress, keep your a nervous system and Brain health. You can eat salmon If you want to lead healthy life But with the moderate rates of it.