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Healthy Tropical overnight oats recipe

Tropical overnight oats is the best dish for anyone who wants to eat a diet or looking for a light breakfast or dinner and delicious at the same time. oats contribute to feel satiety and form a delicious combination with bananas and nuts. It is also a fast food that does not take too long to prepare. Follow us to know the way.

Tropical overnight oats

Nutrition Facts of Tropical overnight oats

It is possible to say that this meal is exactly the “Integrated meal” because it contains:

  1. 388 calories
  2. Lapidates: 0.3 g
  3. Fat: 10.76 g
  4. Saturated fat: 0.1 g
  5. Multiple unsaturated fats: 0.1 g
  6. Sodium: 1 mg
  7. Potassium: 358 mg
  8. Sugar: 23 g
  9. Food fibers: 19 g
  10. Sugar: 12 g
  11. Protein: 1.1 g
  12. Vitamin A: 64 IU
  13. Vitamin C: 8.7 mg
  14. Calcium: 5 mg
  15. Iron: 0.3 mg
  16. Vitamin B6: 0.4 mg
  17. Magnesium: 27 mg



To make Tropical overnight oats, you need those ingredients:

  1. Cup of milk
  2. Half a cup of oats
  3. One banana
  4. 1 Spoon of raisins
  5. 8 almonds
  6. 8 walnuts
  7. 1 Spoon of honey
  8. Roasted coconut.


How To Make Tropical overnight oats

  1. Boil the milk on the fire with oats and stir constantly.
  2. Add milk and oats in a bowl after ripening and add raisins.
  3. Cut the banana into strips and with using a fork grain banana strips then add to the plate.
  4. Cut nuts and almonds and add to the mixture.
  5. Add a tablespoon of honey and sprinkle the roasted coconut
  6. Serve the dish.

We recommend you try this recipe immediately and you will be amazed by the beauty of its taste. If you loved it, please share your opinion in the comments. We will be very glad to share with you.