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Nutrition Facts

Sour Cream Calories and nutrition facts

sour cream facts
sour cream facts

Sour cream

Sour cream is a product made through fermenting normal cream by lactic acid bacteria, and it is heavier than cream, and gelatin is added to make it thicker, and it must be reserved frozen. It is used in many world dishes, where it is cooked as a sauce for baked potatoes, and salads. At times it is added to cheesecake and doughnuts.

Sour cream nutrition

There are many Sour cream nutrition, it can be added to a balanced diet, because it contain many Nutrition Facts like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium,

Light types of Sour cream have 24 grams of fat and 313 calories per mug. You can too choose sour cream without fat, which has just 170 calories per mug and you’ll obtain Carbohydrates at a rate of 36.

Sour cream calories

It contains about 20 calories for each 30-gram, and This doesn’t affect every day calorie intake. The body absorbs a low calorie which is found in sour cream simply.

Sour cream crabs

The carbs in sour cream are little as normal sugar is not added to it, and is famous for name of lactose. Two tablespoons of sour cream contains almost 2 grams of carbs.

Benefits of Sour Cream

It has many health benefits which might essentially assist you improve your health.

Maintain strength Your Bones

Sour cream is rich in calcium which improves bone health, nerve, cardiovascular and muscle. It too helps to hormonal discharge and bone configuration.

Enhance Your Immune System

It has probiotic which can help facilitation digestion and enhance immune System, and digestive, and it supports the body’s capability to prevent diseases and it decrease inflammation.

A good source of calcium

This mineral helps to improve bone health. Half-cup of sour cream contains 13 % of the daily amount of calcium.

Rich in Phosphorus

It contains 13 % of the phosphorus you need every day for bone health and the kidney in addition to vitamin B to keep the body healthy overall.

A good source of Protein and Fat

If you suffer from anxiety, you must take a protein intake. A half-cup contains 2.4 grams of the protein. It is useful to produce energy to the body the whole day and support h your immune system.

Improves memory

It helps to delay aging. So women after 35 years are advised to eat sour cream in the diet.

Good for skin

It is believed that sour cream is an important product to make skin creams and smoothes wrinkles.

Side effects of sour cream
Sour cream can cause allergic reactions to some people who are allergic to dairy products in general. It should also be taken in small amounts in pregnancy. Poor use of sour cream, which contains large enough of calorie, can affect the health of the body.


Sour cream is a well-liked component. Though, some persons need a delicious choice because of allergies. If you are seeking an alternate for sour cream that won’t affect the taste of your preferred dish, you can choose a suitable alternative of dairy products.