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Green tea and health benefits for weight loss

Some people considered green tea as an anti-aging beverage with delicious taste and irresistible health benefits because you can take advantage of it in all possible ways like for weight loss.

The most effective benefit that made green tea so popular is the ability of it for weight loss because all the people who tried it confirmed that green tea and weight loss have a linked relationship.

The more you drink green tea, the most you will lose your weight

Green tea health benefits have no end, you can have more than ten benefits if you drink a cup of it every day, and that is so unique because there is no other beverage can do that at all.

Although there are so many different types of tea, green tea is the most popular type ever and it is considered as the healthiest beverage too because it is made from non- oxidized leaves and contains huge amounts of antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols.


Green tea and weight loss:


green tea and weight loss


People know that green tea benefits for weight loss are so great and effective, but most of them do not know the main reason of those benefits.

Therefore, we will tell you in detail the linked relationship between green tea and weight loss.

  • Green tea has the ability to increase metabolism
  • It has something so special, it is the polyphenol that you can find in green tea, which works to intensify levels of fat oxidation
  • That polyphenol can also support the rate of the food that your body turns it into calories very well
  • It has an incredible ability for reducing your appetite, and that is a very healthy thing to those who want to lose weight in a short time
  • Other green tea benefits for weight loss, some studies show that has an unbelievable effect in reducing the danger of abdominal fat
  • It plays a big role in improving your body weight in general
  • It can decreases the fat percentage in your body, specially in ¬†waist circumference and belly fat


Important studies about green tea benefits for weight loss:


There are so many studies, which talked about green tea benefits, but we found that almost 70% of those studies were talking about green tea and weight loss.

We will tell you the most important studies that showed the connected relationship between green tea and weight loss

  • You can lose 17% of your fat during exercise in 8 weeks, if you drink it daily
  • Consumption of green tea will help you to increase fat burning either with activities or without them
  • Green tea has the ability to burn calories very quickly because it increases the amount of calories burned from 3% to 8%
  • Some researchers made their study on 60 obese patients, and the study showed that the 60 patients lost 7.3 pounds in 3 months, and the rate of losing calories was more than 183 calories a day
  • Some researchers examined more than 1400 elderly Japanese and they found that those who drank huge amount of green tea were 76% less likely to die than the other people who did not drink it .

Note: you have to drink green tea without any sugar or cream in order to get the best results ever because sugar can impede your weight loss efforts.


How can you get green tea benefits for weight loss?



You need to follow some instructions to get all the health benefits of green tea either for weight loss or for your health.

Now, we will tell you what you should do to get all green tea benefits for weight loss.

  • You need to make green tea a regular part of your life, so you have to drink from 3-5 cups of green tea daily for weight loss
  • If you want to harvest all green tea benefits for weight loss, you need to drink a cup of it before eating any meal because it will help you to reduce your amount of foods
  • You cannot depend on green tea only to lose your weight, you need to do some exercises too besides drinking 3 cups of it daily
  • You have to drink your green tea warm (not too hot and not too cold) in order to enjoy all green tea health benefits, and you will notice that you lose your weight easily and quickly
  • It is better to have your first cup of green tea at the morning before having your breakfast
  • You can drink a cup of green tea after 2 hours from eating your food
  • We need to know that drinking it will increase fat burning in your body during exercise very well
  • You can try drinking a cup of this tea directly before going to sleep because that will make you enjoy your quiet sleep, which helps in weight loss


What are other health benefits of green tea?


green tea

As we mentioned before, green tea health benefits are not limited on weight loss only, there are so many different benefits of it, and we will give you the answer of the question what are health benefits of green tea, In the following points.

  • Green tea has an important role in helping to keep the lining of blood vessels relax and better able to withstand changes in blood pressure, so it could prevent you from cardiovascular disease
  • The National Cancer Institute confirmed that green tea can protect you from so many different cancer types, such as breast cancer, bladder, ovarian, lung, prostate, skin, and stomach cancer
  • Generally, green tea can kill cancerous cells because of the high level of polyphenols in tea
  • Some studies showed that tea can reduce the risk of stroke, and you can take advantage of that benefit by having a cup of green tea daily during your diet
  • It can reduce the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Some researchers reached to the fact of improving your memory by drinking green tea, and that is true because that tea enhances brain’s cognitive functions, and will improve your memory and treat neuropsychiatric disorders
  • People said that green tea can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease but only a few studies confirmed that
  • Green tea can low the risk of developing type 2 diabetes because it helps you to reduce blood sugar levels, which is good for all the people who are suffering from diabetes
  • If you drink only a cup of green tea daily, you will kill all the bacteria in your body specially in your mouth because this tea has the ability to reduce your bad breath too


Avoid those actions when you drink green tea:


Some people make huge mistakes when they drink their green tea, such as:

  • Drinking more than 5 cups of green tea in order to lose extra weight is so wrong because that action has so many side effects on your health, specially if you are suffering from high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy women cannot have more than a cup of green tea daily
  • You must not have your green tea with sugar, special the diabetics
  • Some people think that they have to drink green tea after every meal, that is not true because it decrease the absorption of iron and folic acid, and then your body will not have any benefits of it after eating at all
  • If you are sensitive to caffeine, you cannot have more than a cup of green tea per day
  • You must not drink green tea if you are taking any stimulant drugs because it will increase blood pressure and heart rate and will make you feel so weak
  • Stay away from drinking soft drinks when you are following green tea diet because those drinks work against it and that will make you do not get the health benefits of green tea at all
  • You do not have to drink green tea if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome because that will make you feel sick all the time


How to prepare green tea


prepare green tea


There are so many ways to prepare your green tea, some of them are right and the others are wrong.

Therefore, we will tell you the perfect and correct way to prepare your green tea in order to have all its health benefits.

  1. Put your tea bag in your teapot
  2. Heat the water but do not leave it boil very well because that will destroy some of the delicate compounds in green tea leaves
  3. It is better to heat the water from 160 degrees F to 180 degrees F
  4. Pour the water into the teapot for almost 3 minutes until you see that the color of the water is totally changes
  5. When you notice that the tea has been brewed, then you can pour it in your cups after about 3 minutes
  6. Make sure that you drink it warm

Note: you can add some healthy ingredients like honey, lemon juice, ginger, mint, and cumin.



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