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Dark chocolate nutrition facts and health benefits

Dark chocolate is full with nutrients that can absolutely improve your body’s function and prevent the heart disease.  In This article we will review health benefits of dark chocolate and nutrition facts.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate nutrition facts

There are several of Dark chocolate nutrition facts:

  • Dark chocolate contains antioxidant compounds that prevent the DNA effects that help to aging symptoms and wrinkles. Actually, when you eat just a single dark chocolate contains phenolic antioxidants will Protect yourself from Aging, which Protecting from Aging
  • It has Therapeutic advantages of hair and increase the hair; also, it can prevent the scalp’s infections, and stop hair loss.
  • Dark chocolate has Therapeutic advantages which reduce inflammation in the Stomach and heart.
  • Dark chocolate can treat the obesity and helps to weight loss. Also, you can eat one of this chocolate to preserve your weight loss system.
  • Theobromine in cocoa can treat coughs and stop symptoms of asthma. Although, it doesn’t cause drowsiness.
  • Eating dark chocolate makes the blood vessels Flexible. It also keeps the endothelial blood cells and decreases the risks of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
  • It has several minerals such as: iron, potassium and magnesium, which help to prevent of anemia.
  • It improves focus and memory, because it contains the flavonol and polyphenol which prevent the risks of stroke.
  • It contains magnesium and copper which decrease blood pressure and regulate heartbeat levels.
  • This chocolate also contains antioxidants, like flavonoids and polyphenols. Also it contains nutrients like vitamin K, selenium, phosphorus manganese, iron, potassium, and calcium.


Dark chocolate health benefits

Is dark chocolate good for you? we all asked that so Let’s look at the most important health benefits of dark chocolate:
  • Prevent Heart disease

Dark chocolate can help decrease heart disease because it contains flavanols, which protect from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

  • Improve Brain performance

You can eat dark chocolate to improve brain performance and prevent neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer and Parkinson.

  • Prevent Cancer

Flavonoids in chocolate, quercetin and epicatechin help to fight the cancer diseases.

  • Prevent Depression

Dark chocolate effects on the mood, because reduce depression and anxiety also eating of small dark chocolate can Relieves emotions.

  • Decrease Cholesterol Levels

Dark chocolate reduces the bad cholesterol in the body considerably, which dues to increase the chance of heart attack.

  • Decrease Blood Sugar Levels

Eating of dark chocolate helps to decrease the blood sugar, because of polyphenols which promote insulin resistance.


Dark chocolate calories

One of Special Dark Chocolate contains about 70 calories, but Three-piece of dark chocolate equal 37 g also contains 170 calories, and 110 calories from them are fat. You need nutritional and 3,500 calories of dark chocolate every three weeks.



Dark chocolate are tasty. It can help to Protect from Aging and Prevent Heart disease. You can eat Dark chocolate if you want to live healthy life but with the reasonable rates of it, so as not to reduce the pressure and sugar significantly