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Top Healthy Recipes for all Family

Healthy recipes means eating foods that are rich in nutrients in the right amounts of all food groups, and healthy food should not only be taken for weight loss but as a lifestyle. Eating healthy foods and exercising will reduce the risk of disease. The foods that the individual is recommended to eat will be supplied with nutrients, which include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water, which provide the body with the energy it needs, and keep the human health in good condition and make it feel better.

The article provides examples of a number of healthy recipes throughout the day to cover the main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what are the most appropriate recipes in each.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Recipes

The most time when the body needs good nutrition is the morning time, so breakfast is more important than other meals. Keeping breakfast provides the body with the energy it needs to complete the day.

Egg with fiber and cheese


  • Green parsley
  • green coriander
  • Rocca
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 0.5 Lemons
  • Lettuce
  • Cubes of cottage cheese
  • Black pepper


  • Boil two eggs and cut them small pieces
  • Palm hand sized cottage cheese, and cut to small pieces
  • Cut the Lettuce, watercress, parsley and coriander into small pieces and sprinkle with black pepper
  • Dip them all in a deep dish and sprinkle with black pepper.


Oats with fruits

The ingredients:

  • milk
  • Oats
  • Apple (or any fruit as desired)
  • raisin
  • honey
  • cinnamon


  • Boil the milk first and cut small apples
  • Put the oats with apples and raisins in a deep dish and pour the milk over it and leave until the milk is soaked for 15 minutes
  • We decorate it with cinnamon and honey.


Healthy Lunch recipes

lunch recipes

Lunch is the largest meal, and it provides the body half of the daily provisions of the individual. ‎Therefore, the meal should be rich in nutrients that provide the human body with the ‎energy it needs throughout the day and increase its activity.


Healthy Chicken Recipes:


Grilled chicken with yogurt

Grilled chicken with yogurt



  • 2 x Large hanging olive oil
  • 1 ½ x Large spoon ginger
  • 1 x hanging small chop
  • 1 x Whole chicken (halved)
  • 1 x small suspended salt
  • 1 x Number of lemons (cut)
  • 1 x hanging small cumin
  • 1/4 x yogurt cup


  • In a large bowl, mix yogurt, ginger, cumin, and salt
  • Add the mixture in a tray and add the chicken.
  • Cover the tray and place it into the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  • Heat the grill over medium temperature and rub with oil after heating.
  • Remove the chicken from the peeling, taking into account the removal of the peppers completely, and then put the chicken on the grill.
  • The chicken is stirred until it turns red for 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Place the chicken in the serving dish and squeeze the lemon.



Chicken with lemon and garlic:

Chicken with lemon and garlic



  • 3-4 chicken slices
  • Juice 4 lemon
  • Peel the lemon
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme
  • 1 cup mushroom (optional)
  • 1/4 cup chicken broth
  • Salt and Pepper

How to prepare:

  • Heat the oven at 375 degrees Celsius.
  • In a suitable bowl, stir the chicken in olive oil for 2 minutes.
  • Mix together lemon juice, lemon peel, thyme, garlic, chicken broth and add salt and pepper as desired.
  • Leave the chicken in the oven for 30 minutes until it is fully cooked and take the golden color and then occasionally add the sauce to the chicken to keep it soft.
  • Put chicken in the serving bowl and decorated with lemon and rosemary.


Healthy Fish Recipes


Fish fillet with vegetables for healthy diet

Fish fillet with vegetables



  • Salmon fillet: 2 pieces
  • Lemon juice: 1 tablet
  • Potato: 1 piece (cubed)
  • Courgette: 1 piece (cubed)
  • Carrots: 1 piece (cubes section)
  • Green Coriander: Large Spoon (minced)
  • Ginger: Spoon (grated)
  • Olive oil: 2 tablespoons large
  • Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Black pepper: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Mustard: a large spoon

How to prepare:

  1. Mix the pieces of potatoes and zucchini with coriander and sprinkle with ginger, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with salt and black pepper.
  2. Place olive oil and a tablespoon of mastered in a bowl and add salmon fish fillet and dip it on both sides with the mixture.
  3. In a tray put olive oil and fish fillet of the seasoned salmon and enter into the oven for 5 minutes until it exudes.
  4. Distribute the vegetables in the fillet tray, cover the tray with aluminum foil and place in medium heat for 45 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, open the oven and remove the aluminum foil and leave it for the remaining period of 15 minutes until it turns brown.


Healthy soup recipes


Chicken soup with vegetables

Chicken soup with vegetables



  • A cup of chicken breasts (cubes)
  • 2 cups potatoes (cubes)
  • A cup of tomatoes (cubes)
  • Cup of Onion (Cubes)
  • Cup Carrots (Cubes)
  • Chicken broth cube
  • A tablespoon of butter.

How to prepare:

  1. Pour a bowl over the fire and pour the butter
  2. Chop chicken and stir-fry
  3. My guest 4 cups water
  4. Entire vegetables, gravy and stir-fry
  5. Reduce the fire until full maturity.



Red Lentil Soup

Red Lentil Soup



  • A cup of red lentils
  • Four glasses of water
  • Chopped onion
  • Carrot cut small and smooth pieces
  • Half a cup of chopped parsley
  • Spoon of olive oil
  • a pinch of salt
  • Few cumin

How to prepare:

  1. Wash the lentils and put it in a saucepan and pour water over it then put it on a strong fire, when the water starts boiling we get rid of lentil foam.
  2. Add the onion and carrot and cover the pot over low heat.
  3. When the lentils, onions, and carrots are cooked, grind the ingredients, then add the parsley, salt, cumin, and olive oil and stir for 5 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle the soup in a cup and serve it hot.


Healthy Recipes for vegetables

People who eat vegetables and fruits from their daily diet have a reduced risk of many chronic diseases. Eating vegetables is also essential for those who aspire to lose weight or maintain it, so it is necessary to have half of the healthy dish on vegetables and fruits.


Spicy vegetable salad for vegetarians

Spicy vegetable salad



– Macaroni: Package (small size)

– Mayonnaise: cup (without eggs)

– White vinegar: a quarter cup

– Sugar: 3 tablespoons

– Mastered: Two and a half tablespoons

– Salt: a teaspoon

– Black pepper: half a teaspoon

– Onion: 1 tablet (minced)

– Celery: 2 oud (minced)

– Green pepper: 1 cup (minced small cubes)

– Carrots: quarter cup (grated)

How to prepare:

  1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package, then wash it with cold water and pour it into a deep bowl.
  2. Add onion, chopped pepper, celery and carrots to boiled pasta.
  3. Mix mayonnaise, salt, black pepper, vinegar, custard and sugar well.
  4. Mix the mayonnaise over the pasta, vegetables and mix until the ingredients are mixed.


Artichoke stuffed with sautéed vegetables

Artichoke stuffed with sautéed vegetables


  • Artichoke: 8 beads (cleaned)
  • Lemon juice: 2 tbsp
  • Corn oil: 2 tbsp
  • Cheese: cup
  • Ghee: a large spoon
  • Salt
  • Onion: 1 piece (small pieces)
  • Black pepper
  • Carrots: 2 pieces (small cubes)
  • Peas: 125 grams
  • Butter: a large spoon (melted)

How to prepare:

  1. In a vase on the fire by a plentiful amount of water with a pinch of salt and lemon we add artichoke and leave until it is then washed and drained.
  2. In a bowl on the fire, put the oil in a pinch and add the onions and stir until yellowed.
  3. Then add the peas and carrots and stir until they fade and then raise from the fire and season with salt and pepper and shake.
  4. Pour the artichoke beads into a tray topped with margarine and then with a spoon. We distribute the filling on the artichoke beads and then distribute the melted butter.
  5. Then put the tray in the oven at 180 degrees until you take the golden color and serve hot.


Healthy Fruit Recipes



  • Raisins: (2) cups
  • Dried Apricots: Cup (minced)
  • Cherry: Cup and three-quarters cup (dried and half-cooked)
  • Apple juice: three quarters of a cup
  • Sugar: cup and three-quarters cup
  • Serp: a quarter cup
  • Baking powder: 2 teaspoons
  • Salt: a teaspoon
  • Nutmeg: half a teaspoon
  • Eggs: 5 beads
  • Milk: a cup
  • Flour: 3 cups and three quarters cup
  • Walnut: 2 cups (minced / optional)
  • Butter: 100 gr (soft)

How to prepare:

  1. Mix the dried fruit without the cherry with the apple juice and leave it in the refrigerator all night.
  2. Heat the oven to 300 degrees.
  3. Prepare the cake tray with butter and flour.
  4. Beat the butter, sugar, syrup, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg with an electric mixer.
  5. put the eggs one after the other and stir until the ingredients are homogenized.
  6. Add the flour gradually, alternately with the milk, while the continuous mixing.
  7. Add the softened fruit with the juice to the mixture, add the cherries and walnuts and mix well until the ingredients are homogenized and the mixture becomes creamy.
  8. Mix the mixture in the previously processed tray and cook for 50-70 minutes or until the cake is cooked.
  9. Leave the cake to cool and before serving, add it with a brush of apple juice, then cover it and leave it for a full day before serving.


Healthy Cookie recipes


Cookies are a favorite meal for both adults and children. Here’s a recipe for delicious soft cookies.

Chocolate Cookies


  • Butter: 200 g (soft)
  • Sugar: a cup and a half
  • Eggs: 2 tablets
  • Vanilla: 2 tsp
  • Flour: 2 cups
  • Cocoa powder: two-thirds cup
  • Baking soda: three quarters of a small spoon
  • Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Chocolate chips: 2 cups
  • Walnuts: 1/2 cup (minced)

How to prepare:

  1. Heat the oven over 175 degrees.
  2. Beat the butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla with the electric mixer in a bowl until the mixture is creamy and crisp.
  3. Mix powdered cocoa, flour, baking soda, and salt.
  4. Add the flour mixture to the egg, butter and sugar mixture and mix well until the ingredients are mixed.
  5. Add the chocolates, nuts, and chips.
  6. Make medium sized walnut balls and place them in a cookie tray lined with butter.
  7. Enter the Chinese oven for 12 – 15 minutes.
  8. Remove the oven from the oven and leave it cool for 10 minutes, then warm or cold as desired.


Healthy Smoothie recipes


Using many of the infinite ingredients that can be mixed together, we have many choices of fresh smoothies. Here are the best recipes for smoothies:


Smoothie refreshing fruit



  • Mango: cup (clip / compartment)
  • Pineapple: cup (cut / shredded)
  • Bananas: 1 piece (cut / detachable)
  • Orange juice: cup (fresh)
  • Yogurt: a cup
  • Honey: a large spoon

How to prepare:

    1. Place bananas, pineapples, mangoes, orange juice and honey yogurt in the blender and mix well until the mixture is smooth.
    2. Mix the mug and mash your favorite fruit and serve it immediately.


Mango & Banana Smoothies


  • Pineapple juice: half a cup
  • Mango: 2 cups (chopped and frozen)
  • Bananas: half a grain
  • Yogurt: half a cup
  • Honey: a large spoon

How to prepare:

  1. Cut the bananas into circles, in the electric mixer, place frozen mango pieces and banana circles.
  2. Add yogurt, pineapple juice and honey. Mix ingredients for about minutes.


Healthy Law carb Recipes

Low-carbohydrate meals are snacks, but they have a great nutritional value.

For example:

Salad with boiled eggs

Take the salad you used to prepare and add boiled egg slices and a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar.

Such meal contains sugars, dietary fiber, 146 calories, 11 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat.


Healthy Law fat recipes

‎ Taking snacks rich in various nutrients with proper calorie rates helps to lose weight as well. Protein stimulates the growth of the body’s muscle mass, boosting metabolic rate and increasing fat burning. Fiber works to improve digestion. So, there are no so-called fat-burning foods, but choosing the nutrients that help increase the body’s ability to burn fat, these foods aim to lose weight.‎

For example:

Apple with skimmed milk:

Unlike carbohydrates, which are quickly consumed within the body, protein helps maintain energy levels within the body, and helps to feel full for several hours. The optimal choice of protein with fruit is a large apple with a glass of skim milk. The snack provides about 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 200 calories.


Healthy Dinner Recipes

Dinner Recipes

‎ Dinner is one of the main meals of the day, and it should be useful and light at the same time so as not to burden the digestive system, and to take care of eating this meal well before bedtime, and sometimes you need a quick healthy dinner recipes.‎

Pasta with white cheese and cumin

Pasta with white cheese and cumin


  • 500 grams pasta
  • 0.5 cups of crispy white cheese
  • 0.5 teaspoon of fennel
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tbsp of vegetable oil


  1. Cook pasta with water, salt and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  2. Add the boiled pasta, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, fennel, and cheese, then mix them well and serve.‎


Healthy Children’s meals

Children’s meals

‎ Children’s meals are a challenge for every mother. The difficulty is to choose between what is good for children and what children love to eat.

Vegetables baked for breakfast

One of the most favorite foods for young people, it is characterized by a variety of vegetables, and can be prepared in a short period


  • 4 Mushrooms
  • 8 Tomatoes cut into halves
  • 1 garlic clove, thin sliced strips
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 200 g spinach
  • 4 eggs‎


  1. Heat the oven to 200 ° C.
  2. Divide the mushrooms and tomatoes into 4 oven dishes.
  3. Sprinkle with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, then bake for 10 minutes.
  4. Hot water is poured on the spinach until it is wilted, taking into account the disposal of excess water and then adding the spinach to the dishes after leaving the oven.
  5. Add an egg in each dish. Put the dishes in the oven again and cook for 8-10 minutes or until the eggs mature as desired.

Snack is a small portion of the food, eaten between the main meals during the day, and is often smaller, ranging from fresh or canned foods. The homemade snack is simple and quick to prepare, and it is easily packaged. The ready-made snack bar contains preservatives; it is packed automatically and is not perishable as quickly as a home-made snack.


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